The Charivari Trio regularly teaches workshops on South American and Eastern European folk music. Tango, klezmer, cumbia and gypsy styles form the basis of the lessons, the main theme being ensemble playing.

Participants attend to new repertory, learn to play by heart, practice patterns of accompaniment and get acquainted with variation and improvisation. The goal of the workshop is to teach students how to play music which has ensemble playing at its core and in which instruments are lifted out of their traditional roles.

For this purpose, folk music is a fitting medium. The basic material is simple and flexible. The music can be adapted to the level of the students, voices may be added or omitted, and there is room for improvisation. Because the music is "ready to go", it is possible to work towards a presentation in just one day.

The members of the Charivari trio are not only experienced musicians, but they are skilled teachers as well. Together they are capable of managing large groups without overlooking individual problems. Besides, groups may be split up, while the Trio can attend to different orchestral sections simultaneously.

Different types of classes are possible: with or without printed music, students may already have prepared with their own teachers, or alternatively, they may start a workshop completely "clean", classes may be for existing ensembles or they may be organized around a specific style. Generally, the repertory is compiled by the Trio, but the program may also be put together in consultation with participants. The results of the lessons are combined with a performance of the Trio during a presentation concert.


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