Shakin' trads


between gypsies and latinos


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  1. El gato negro con la pata coja
    (Steven Kamperman)
    This little black cat stretches her three-and-a-half legs between Cuba and Turkey.

  2. Zapantófi
    (Anneke Frankenberg) (lyrics)
    Hora de mina pe batai
    (Rumania; trad)
    A Dutch St. Nicholas children song from the Bucharest suburbs in ‘Mahala’ style, followed by a high-speed tune from Southern Rumania.

  3. La Pobrecita
    (Atahualpa Yupanqui; Argentina) (lyrics)
    A zamba from the pampas of Tucuman: a rough life, only four strings left on your guitar, and the city far away.
  4. Zaza
    (Gijs Levelt)
    A tune from the Amsterdam Klezmer Band trumpet player Gijs Levelt about the Dutch national hero Zaza, a little cockroach from a childrens book by Annie M.G. Schmidt.

  5. Pelhas Romanas
    (trad; Rumania)
    (trad; Venezuela) (lyrics)
    A combination between a Rumanian Învîrtită and a Venezuelan Golpe recalling the death of a Chilean black army officer fighting the ‘Conquistadores’ long, long ago...

  6. Pandelasul
    (trad; Rumania; arr. Anneke Frankenberg)
    Geamparale-like dance from Dobrogea, the border between Rumania and Bulgaria.

  7. Vidala para mi sombra
    (Atahualpa Yupanqui; Argentina) (lyrics)
    ‘Sometimes my shadow follows me, sometimes I follow my shadow. Poor shadow, where will you go, when I’ll no longer be here...’

  8. Zvonija, Zvonija
    (Ljiljana Buttler; Bosnia) (lyrics)
    A čoček from the famous Bosnian singer Ljiljana Butler about dancing, singing, and drinking: a gipsy party!

  9. Déjeuner du matin
    (Jacques Prévert; Bart Lelivelt) (lyrics)
    He pours in his coffee, adds milk and sugar, without saying a word, without looking at me, smokes his cigarettes and walks away. And me...? I’m crying.

  10. Fumando espero
    (Juan V. Masanas; J. Viladomat & Felix Garzó) (lyrics)
    Long ago ‘nostalgia’: smoking while waiting for your love, imagining smoke curling from her mouth to yours when kissing. Romantic! The piece continues with a cha-cha part in Cuban style.

  11. Cerrado
    (Joep Everts) (lyrics)
    A virgin - strong, cold and lonely - does not open her door for the guy outside. Open up my room, my heart, my life!

produced by the Charivari trio / recorded and mixed by Raoul Soentken, Edge Tip Studio, Arnhem, july-september 2007 / mastered by Tom Peeters, Mediatrack Amsterdam / graphic design by Connie Nijman, Amsterdam

  • Nederlands - nl-NL
  • English (United Kingdom)

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